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ZOOK! : A Solo Exhibition 高雄

Arcade Art Gallery is proud to present ‘ ZOOK! : A Solo Exhibition’

About the Exhibition :

‘ ZOOK! : A Solo Exhibition’ showcases a bold selection of his most recent works. A player in the local Taiwanese street scene, ZOOK!’s imagery finds a balance between Traditional Chinese motifs, the Modern Cartoons of his Youth, and day to day life in the gritty Industrial Hub of the Island.

About ZOOK! :

Taiwanese Artist, ZOOK!’s visual language is heavily influenced by his immediate surroundings. He draws on Traditional Taiwanese imagery and seamlessly blends it with modern street culture. Like so many in the the Graffiti world, ZOOK! found his first canvasses in the streets, developing his skill in back alleys, and on abandoned buildings.

Today ZOOK! has made a place for himself in the rapidly growing local scene. His characters are easily recognizable with their large, rounded faces; reminiscent of the Buddha, but they have been twisted to depict the gritty face of Taiwanese gangsterism.

Arcade Art Gallery focuses on representation of the contemporary art sector. Using both gallery shows and public installations, Arcade Art Gallery showcases the work of Internationally renowned Artists, while also giving a voice to a new generation of promising Artists. Arcade Art Gallery also specializes in the exclusive curation and production of limited edition prints.

The Exhibition will take place at Arcade Art Gallery’s Showroom located at 148 Liuhe 1st Rd. Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

An Opening Reception will be held on March 16th, 2018 at 6pm.

The Exhibition will run until April 5th, 2018.

To inquire about the exhibition please contact: |(+886) 0905 246 377

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Arcade Art Gallery 非常榮幸的為您呈現"ZOOK!個人作品展"

ZOOK!:一個大膽展示他最新作品的展覽。 一位以台灣當地街頭為背景的玩家,ZOOK!的圖像以傳統主題與嘻哈文化的薰陶、以及台灣島上堅韌不拔的農工業日常生活之間找到平衡。


台灣藝術家,ZOOK!的視覺語言深受環境所影響。 他利用傳統的台灣形象,將其與現代街頭文化完美融合。 像塗鴉世界的人一樣,ZOOK! 在街頭找到了他的第一個畫布,也在後巷和廢棄的建築上發展了專業本領。 現今ZOOK! 在迅速發展的當地風氣中為自己騰出一席之地。 他的代表性人物大圓臉也很容易被辨識,讓人聯想到佛陀,以佛陀的形象描繪傳統社會的草根人物,與其街頭文化跟傳統人文社會連結。

Arcade Art Gallery 致力於當代藝術代理。,Arcade Art Gallery藉藝廊展覽與公共裝置展示國際知名藝術家作品,同時為新生代潛力藝術家發聲。位於高雄Arcade Art Gallery,不只將此城市做為事業基地,更當作自己的家鄉,並以此為傲。

展覽將位於高雄市六合一路148號的Arcade Art Gallery展出。



如欲查詢展覽詳情請聯繫 |(+886)0905 246 377 感謝以下單位的熱情贊助: Blade Rider Helmet Sticky Rice Stickers 展覽前導影片


PHOTO BY pac829

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