May 2, 2018

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尊彩藝術中心|Candy Bird個展-多麼乾淨的一幅畫 04.07 開幕

March 23, 2018

Candy Bird個展-多麼乾淨的一幅畫」

展期:2018.04.07 Sat.– 2018.05.06 Sun.
媒體預展: 2018.04.06 Fri. 3:00pm
開幕:2018.04.07 Sat. 3:00pm


藝術家Candy Bird再度於尊彩藝術中心舉辦個展「多麼乾淨的一幅畫」。Candy Bird為台灣著名塗鴉、壁畫藝術創作者,台灣各地都可看到他的作品隱身街角、廢墟或私人空間,他的藝術面向人類現狀、人與社會的關係、正義與平等性。

本次展覽Candy Bird結合日常居家的物件,透過繪畫及藝術家自己撰寫的文字,試圖呈現意識形態在現實生活中的角色。這些文字是藝術家長期以來觀察同輩朋友與長輩的相處方式,所凝結而成。

展名來自台灣獨立樂團「草東沒有派對」的作品《爛泥》中的歌詞:「噢多麼乾淨的一幅畫 怎麼會 怎麼會 充滿了悲傷」,這首歌道出了近幾年,藝術家對現實環境的心聲。透過此次展覽,除了描寫青年面臨的現況,也凝視這些流竄的意識形態。展名除了隱喻作品外,藝術家也自我嘲諷,自己作品向來給人一種可愛的錯覺,但「怎麼會 充滿了悲傷」呢?

Candy Bird擅長和空間中既有物件互動,透過想像力讓作品與環境融合。Candy Bird表現被蔑視的價值觀、對生命消逝的傷感,他希望實踐為藝術而藝術、也是為社會而藝術的呈現。也因為如此,Candy Bird拓展了東亞地區塗鴉藝術的可能性與疆界。


Candy Bird Solo Exhibition – What a Neat Painting

Duration: 2018.04.07 Sat. – 2018.05.06 Sun.
Press Preview: 2018.04.06 Fri. 3:00pm
Opening: 2018.04.07 Sat. 3:00pm
Venue: Liang Gallery 1F
Artist: Candy Bird

Artist Candy Bird is once again holding his solo exhibition "What a Neat Painting" at Liang Gallery. He is a Taiwanese street artist whose works of art are hidden on the corners of the streets, ruins or private spaces in Taiwan. His inspiration is around human beings, and focuses on the connection of history, social issue and equality.

Candy Bird is good at utilizing his chosen space and objects. In this solo exhibition, he combines many daily home items with his paintings and texts written by him that tries to present the thin line between ideologies as well as the ways to shatter daily routines. Also, he tries to piece together the disordered reality and the exit imagined by himself. Candy Bird has long observed the manner in which his friends, who are of the same generation as he is, get along with elders. He put these observations into words and integrated them into his paintings. It became a healing and nagging approach to look deeper into the relationship between ideology and people in the aging Taiwanese society, resulting in a series of works. 

The name of this exhibition originated from a song titled Mud, performed by the Taiwanese indie band No Party for Cao Dong: “Oh, what a neat painting. How come, how come it is full of sadness?” This song voices the aspirations that Candy Bird has had recent years. He is always looking forward to portraying some situations which people of his age undergo, as well as gazing at the absurd, hither and thither ideologies. In this exhibition, in addition to displaying metaphorical artworks, he is also mocking his street art style which always arises a beautiful illusion in others but “how come it is full of sadness?” 

Artist Biography
Candy Bird has an instinctive understanding of how best to utilize his chosen space and objects, whether it is a mottled brick wall or a transformer box, everything can be incorporated in his creation, and his works, through imagination, can even be integrated into the environment. Candy Bird’s main worry and concern about the humanity is the neglected value system. His art remains present in the city and society for a certain period of time, which allows the audience to recall and think about what he cares about.

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