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  • Facebook - DEBE
  • Art exhibition / 藝術展覽

  • Streetart mural / 街頭壁畫

  • Live painting / 現場創作

  • Brand collaboration / 品牌合作

  • Space planning artworks / 空間規劃創作

  • Any good ideas for fun / 有趣的企劃合作

D E B E    /   Taiwan


曾與各領域知名品牌合作,包含Adiddas、G-SHOCK、SWATCH、三星Samsung、alexanderwang、Rhinoshield犀牛盾、第一銀行、昇恆昌EVERRICH、Facebook Taiwan等。多次受邀於國際街頭藝術節創作與藝術展覽,作品足跡曾跨足紐約、夏威夷、加州長灘、華盛頓DC、倫敦、香港、北京、上海、重慶、加拿大等國際城市。


D E B E    /   Taiwan

Visual artist - 1988 borned in Taiwan from graffiti. whose creative style spans various fields, including street art, graffiti, ab
stract art, and typography range from pieces to sculptures, extending to large murals and art installations.pushing street culture into contemporrary art field.

Characterized by abstract philosophical concepts, DEBE skillfully transforms them into diverse lines and colors, showcasing 
the ever-changing dynamics of energy flow. Continuously experimenting and pushing boundaries within different mediums 
and forms of expression, creates works that are rich in layers and depth. Behind the seemingly complex and chaotic lines.
carefully designed structures, boldly exploring the limitless possibilities of artistic creation and prompting viewers to 
contemplate the subtle relationships between form, color, and meaning.

His creations not only offer a visual feast but also delve into a profound exploration of art. Whether in  artworks, sculptures, 
or large murals, DEBE's pieces exude unique creativity and passion, injecting new vitality and possibilities into the realm of art.

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